Brisbane Times: “Coming to grips with an intersex adventure “

The Brisbane Times reports on Phoebe Hart’s road trip documentary:

When someone, somewhere said Lady Gaga was a hermaphrodite, the world went wild. Curiosity mingled with disbelief, offended outrage countered by jubilant relief, it wasn’t long before the speculation overtook the pursuit of the ‘truth’.

But for Brisbane filmmaker Phoebe Hart, the maelstrom helped her have the kind of conversations with friends and family that were otherwise not so easily started… Coming to grips with an intersex adventure

At the behest of her parents, in line with the prevailing social expectations of the day, Hart underwent invasive surgery to “correct” her body – a process that had lasting physical and emotional consequences.

Hart’s condition, known as intersex, inevitably emerged as a decisive factor in her adult development.

Learning the truth prompted in Hart a profound examination of gender, identity and her relationships with other people, not least of all her relationships with men.

It’s a journey Hart chose to capture on camera, one shared through her documentary Orchids: My Intersex Adventure, which makes its world premiere at the Brisbane International Film Festival.

Winner of the Australian Teachers of Media’s ATOM Award for best documentary, Hart’s work took years to complete and makes for compelling viewing…

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