Conversations with Richard Fidler: Phoebe Hart

This is a terrific in-depth interview with Australian documentary filmmaker Pheoebe Hart.
Conversations with Richard Fidler: Phoebe Hart

ABC interview: Documentary filmmaker Phoebe Hart has a condition called AIS – Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome; a woman with male chromosomes, which means she’s part male and part female.

When her mother finally revealed the full truth about her condition Phoebe was intially shocked, but then relieved to have an explanation for why she was different to her friends.

She welcomed the idea of the recommended invasive surgery as something that would “make me look more girly”. The actual experience, though, was a shocking one for her.

Phoebe tells her story in her documentary Orchids, which premiered at the 2010 Brisbane International Film Festival and will be shown on ABC TV in 2011. …

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