When DSD originated

James Pate, MD has kindly provided us with the following:

The first mention of “disorder of sex development” I could find was by CE Ford in 1961 (Ford CE. The cytogenetic analysis of some disorder of sex development. American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology. 82:1154-61, 1961 Nov.) Other historical terminology I found was:

  • Disorder of sex development – Ford CE, 1961
  • Sex disorders – Burgio GR, 1963
  • Sex chromosome anomalies – Miller OJ, 1964
  • Developmental sexual abnormalities – Klempman S, 1964
  • Sex chromosome aberrations – Kiss P, 1972
  • Disorder of sex differentiation – Zhukovskii MA, 1974
  • Abnormal sexual differentiation – Wachtel SS, 1979
  • Sex chromosome disorder – Veropotvelian PN, 1979
  • Sex differentiation disorders – Knorr D, 1979
  • Sex chromosome abnormalities – Nielsen J, 1990

It appears that Paul McHugh, the Vatican’s sex advisor and the Catholic psychiatrist who shut down Johns Hopkins clinic for people with transsexualism, began using the term DSD around 1990. John Money was also at Johns Hopkins.

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