Canberra survey finds intersex people face high rates of discrimination and social isolation

The Canberra Times reports on a study of trans and intersex people in the ACT by A Gender Agenda. The study has found that both groups face high rates of discrimination and social isolation.
The Canberra Times: Transgender people (and intersex people) face 'social isolation'

Transgender and intersex people living in the ACT are six times more likely to be unemployed than the rest of the population and have difficulty accessing health services…

The Gender Diversity in the ACT survey is the first of its kind and reveals high rates of social isolation and discrimination among the local transgender and intersex population.

We’re glad intersex people were included in this study, which provides more justification for inclusive national LGBTI human equality and human rights legislation. We’ve asked for a copy of the report.

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Romana S

I’ve just read the report briefly, and paid particular attention to the demographics of what people identified as. I didn’t see mention of Intersex.

Yes, the report is great, and provides lots of information on the Trans experience in the ACT. It was great work by all those who put it together.

But yes, as this article indicates, many reports like these fall short when it comes to asking questions that are Intersex inclusive. Even the Private Lives 2 survey asked questions shaped around being part of the binary.


Hi Romana,

Thanks for your comment. We have requested a copy of the Gender Diversity in the ACT report from A Gender Agenda.

You are correct about the Private Lives 2 survey being based on the common belief that sex and gender are binaries.

OII Australia continues to be very concerned that seriously flawed or intersex-excluding surveys continue to support the belief that there is no such thing as discrimination against people for being intersex and that there is therefore no need for equality, human rights and protection against discrimination for intersex people.

The personal experience of intersex people says otherwise.

BTW, would you like us to publish the URL for your blog here? We are impressed with your writing and obviously sympathetic to you for the appalling abuses you seem to be forced to endure on an almost daily basis just for being intersex. Everyone needs to understand that intersex people should not be mistreated this way.

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