Intersex documentary “Intersexion” to screen in New Zealand

A number of intersex people around the world were interviewed by New Zealand film director Grant Lahood for his documentary Intersexion including a member of OII Australia, Gina Wilson.

We welcome TV One’s commissioning of this film and are grateful to Mr Lahood for creating it in collaboration with Mani Mitchell of Wellington, New Zealand. - TV One to screen Lahood's intersex doco - click to read this article.
Mani Mitchell comments:

“I hope this documentary will show everyone that the ‘shame and secrecy’ model hasn’t worked – and that intersex children can grow up to make informed choices about their own bodies,” Mitchell says.

Intersexion will screen on Sunday 10th July at 10.40 pm on TV One.

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Phoebe Hart’s autobiographical film Orchids about her and her sister Bonnie applies a similar approach to being intersex.

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With this film intersex were at least at the core of editing and in putting the film together.

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