Hida Viloria interviewed by Alix Iron for OII Australia

Here’s OII-USA chair, Hida Viloria, in an excellent interview by Alix Iron for our ‘Intersex 101’ workshop at Camp Betty in Sydney.

Intersex 101, by Alix Iron and Hida Viloria from OII Australia on Vimeo.

Hida and Alix talk through the basics about intersex, and give their own personal stories. Hida also talks about her experience of dialogue with International Olympic Committee regarding Caster Semenya.

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Jennifer Fricker

It amazes me how far ahead of Britain places such as Australia and Canada are; Intersex Videos! Here in the UK there is secrecy and there is, in parts of London at least, fullblown segregation. on 06/07/2011 it was necessary to hold a seminar to explain to DOCTORS what intersex was!

Incidentally, although often advised to do so, I don’t recommend ‘trans’ organizations for intersexed people.

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