Deutsche Welle: Third sex option on birth certificates

Morgan, OII Australia president, is quoted in this Deutsche Welle article by Natalie Muller about Germany’s mandatory new third option on birth certificates for intersex infants.

For many activists, a more pressing concern is that doctors are allowed to perform cosmetic surgery on infants to make ambiguous genitalia conform to the male or female standard…

Morgan Carpenter, President of the Organization Intersex International Australia, said another category on birth certificates won’t improve the lives of intersex people, and the focus should instead be on ending cosmetic surgeries on infants, and introducing anti-discrimination legislation.

“The fact that the [German] government is introducing a new status for children in terms of their sex status, while not protecting them from discrimination and adverse consequences, I think that that’s horrendous,” he said.

“These children are going to go to kindergarten, to school, but still if you go to kindergarten or school, everything is going to be defined by what sex you are, so how are they are going to be treated? What protection will they have in the law from discrimination?”

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