“SPORK”: how to normalize intersex

Here’s a positive example of normalisation: a director who writes an intersex character successfully and in a positive way, in a comedy movie.
So So Gay - Film Review: Spork (Iris Prize Festival 2011) - click to read this article.

Spork – from the North American equivalent of the Splayd, “not a spoon, not a fork, but both, a Spork” – is lead character in an “age-old coming of age tale of fitting in and daring to be different, but with a bold approach.”

Frizzy-haired Spork (Savannah Stehlin) is a 14-year-old intersex person who is having a hard time fitting in: living in a trailer; an outcast at school, constantly being bullied for their biology…. It should appeal to adults and children alike: despite its bad language and risqué gags it has surprisingly won awards at several children’s film festivals alongside the many other accolades it has garnered so far….