Dr Veronica Drantz: “Science and Sexuality” and medical photography

Biologist and physiologist Veronica Drantz PhD has produced an excellent PowerPoint presentation titled Science and Sexuality: The Biology of Sexual Identity, Sexual Orientation, and Intersexuality.

Science and Sexuality, screenshot.
Science and Sexuality, screenshot, slide 16.
Science and Sexuality, screenshot, slide 132.

We recommend it, although we are uncomfortable with the clinical images it contains of intersex people.

OII Australia does not generally approve of photographs of intersex individuals. We are especially uncomfortable with photographs taken for specialist medical publications being made available to the general public.

Many of these photographs were taken with permissions being informed by specific medical necessities and treatment advantage for the individual shown. That those photographs would go on to be widely available on the Internet is not something the subject might have been aware of. Photographs like these tend to reinforce the ‘freak show’ consciousness of intersex.

The possibility that pornographers with predilections for intersex might use such images to advantage cannot be discounted.

Where else but with intersex is it possible to find readily available images of children’s genitals?