Intersex people and photography: US hospital staff photograph unconscious intersex person’s genitals

OII Australia is sensitive towards photographic depictions of intersex individuals. The reasons for OII Australia’s sensitivity are exemplified in this article about non-consensual photography.

We can’t help but wonder if the photographic voyeurism, and staff attitudes towards this person’s body, impacted on the quality of care that was given – the person is known to have died, from an un-stated cause.

Screenshot of news report in Arizona Daily Star online edition.

We also have great concern about the potential for images to end up on social media sites, if those responsible had not been caught. Sadly there is plenty of voyeuristic fascination for these kinds of images.

On the other side of the lens is an intersex person going about their life as best they can.

This kind of exposure reiterates societal views of¬†intersex people’s difference being worthy of ridicule, exposure, and degradation.