OII Australia tenders resignation from marriage equality campaigner CAAH

It is with great regret that we tender the resignation of OII Australia from CAAH – Community Action Against Homophobia.

For some years now OII Australia, represented by our president, Gina Wilson, has participated in CAAH’s Campaign for Marriage Equality meetings and actions. We welcomed the opportunity to raise intersex experiences of homophobia and contribute to the Campaign’s activities.

This changed in 2011 when OII Australia sought dialogue with an organization claiming to represent intersex before CAAH endorsed their activities. That dialogue was refused and the Campaign then subscribed to a platform that, in part, damaged the interests of intersex people.

We had hoped that, once the issues around the 2011 event had resolved themselves, people would get back to the main task of CAAH, the fight against homophobia. However, our experience of CAAH meetings has become one characterized by open hostility from a faction within the Campaign.

More recent developments have seen one of the convenors leave and his replacement refusing to communicate with us.

While we are leaving CAAH, we would like to acknowledge the significant support and help that some members of the organization have given us. We would especially like to thank Cat Rose and her colleagues for their encouragement and help.

This in no way diminishes OII Australia’s commitment to the marriage equality campaign, our vigorous stand against homophobia and our delight and willingness in working with the wider LGBTI community. We remain a part of many community collaborations in general and particularly with our sex and gender diverse allies.

Gina Wilson
President, Organisation Intersex International Australia Limited