“Same sex marriage” is not “marriage equality”

OII Australia welcomes the progress made today on marriage equality in New Zealand. We are hugely disappointed that Tasmania’s same sex marriage bill fails to extend marriage equality to all adult couples excluded from federal marriage legislation.

Is it fundamental to human nature to always choose to exclude someone from the same fundamental human rights as the rest of us? New Zealand indicates it may not be. Tasmania shows us that it is.

Certainly, if the campaign for marriage is to be anything more than an individualistic campaign for personal rights then it can’t exclude us.

More information

For more on what OII Australia has done to promote marriage equality, read our report on oral presentations to the senate enquiry, including by Gina Wilson, OII Australia president and the conclusions of the senate enquiry as they relate to intersex inclusion.

Or read about how the marriage of an intersex person in Brisbane was annulled on the basis of not being either wholly male nor wholly female.

Update: Please note that a survey of 272 Australian born with atypical sex characteristics shows that 12% of respondents are lawfully married in Australia, while 8% are in marriages that are not legally recognised here. This data changes our understanding of the situation – clearly intersex status is no longer being used as a mechanism to annul marriages.