Presentation on intersex at Pride in Diversity conference

On Monday 26 November, Morgan Carpenter, the secretary of OII Australia, gave a presentation on intersex to the Pride in Diversity employment conference. It was a rare opportunity to give a 40 minute presentation and Q&A session to a large audience, and we thank Dawn Hough of Pride in Diversity for the opportunity.

This article provides some references and exploratory information for people attending the event, and for people interested in holding such an event.

Slides and handout

The slides from the presentation: the slides are available in PDF format (1.4 MB).

The handout: intersex for allies.

Intersex intersectionalities with LGBTI: The presentation used this 10 minute presentation on intersectionalities with LGBTI as a starting point. It was written and presented by Morgan at a conference in Melbourne in February 2012.

Further reading

These links provide a good introduction to some of the broad themes in the presentation.


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