Thank you for your allyship, Switchboard Victoria

Thank you for your allyship, Switchboard Victoria! Switchboard prepared this banner for the Midsumma Parade this year.

In solidarity with Councillor Tony Briffa JP and Intersex Human Rights Australia Switchboard Victoria calls on the Royal Children’s hospital to STOP PERFORMING SURGERIES ON INTERSEX CHILDREN AND INFANTS.

Switchboard encourages other LGBTI organisations to take a similar stance on Intersex Rights.

The banner was created in response to a statement by Tony Briffa that she will boycott the Pride March if RCH Melbourne participates. The Star Observer reports:

Briffa said that while the RCH has made important strides in recognising and affirming trans and gender diverse people, the same recognition has not been given to intersex people.

“The same hospital and many of the same doctors that [perform medical interventions] on intersex children also treat trans and gender diverse children, but their bodily integrity and right to self determination are recognised,” Briffa said.

“No treatment of trans and gender diverse children at the RCH is conducted without the consent of the child involved.

“This is in complete contrast to intersex children… so why is the RCH marching in Pride March?”

Briffa added that organisations engaging in gay conversion therapy wouldn’t be allowed to participate in pride marches, and so organisations – including hospitals – that engage in “conversion therapies against intersex children” should be held to the same standard.

Briffa called on intersex allies in the LGBT community to support intersex people and join them in the fight to recognise their right to bodily integrity and self determination.