“Stitch in time”, Sydney, 19 July

Presentation of the intersex body existing within universally accepted time and emotional space.

Exploring the historical medical treatment of intersex bodies, this expanded cinema work will use multiple film projections into space and directly onto the artist’s body. The artist’s body performs a ‘reality intervention’ to the projected image. Identification and Identity evolving from past actions and attitudes. Moving beyond the reactionary to the self-emanating. The bi-polar gender construct and the non-dual spectral reality.

The image as artist’s memories and externally projected ideas. The body as site of psychological investigation. Incisions into the emotional body. Surgical extractions from the artist’s body. Perceived threats that become the sites of future psychological wounds. Scars. Misguided rationale behind cosmetic, hormonal and surgical corrections of bodies that do not conform to societal norms of male or female.

The Artist

Bonnie Hart’s practice is an assemblage of filmmaking, music, performance art, visual art and sculptural installation. She holds a degree in film production from QUT, her work being screened internationally both on television and at festivals including the NowNow (Aus), Exploding Cinema/Collision Festival (UK), Raindance (UK) and Brisbane & Melbourne International Film Festivals (Aus). In 2006 Bonnie founded the audio visual laboratory Venting Gallery which produced the Rituals of the Captured Moment series of 1000 films about experimental music. She is the founding Secretary of the Foundation for Contemporary Music & Culture and President of the Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group Australia.

Her current solo project is a fusion of performance stagecraft, the textural beauty of handmade celluloid and a tragicomedy of continually malfunctioning systems/equipment – loosely termed ‘expanded cinema’.

Part of exist-ence #5
Location: PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, 107 Railway Parade, Eveleigh, NSW 2015
Date: Friday 19 July at 8pm.