The new government

OII Australia congratulates the new federal Coalition government on their election success.

Morgan Carpenter, President of Organisation Intersex International Australia said today,

We very much look forward to working with the Coalition on issues for the intersex community in Australia.

The last term of government was extraordinary for intersex people in Australia, and we’d like to thank the outgoing government for their leadership. We acknowledge and thank all parliamentary parties for their multi-partisan support of legislation that now prohibits discrimination against intersex people in Australia, and the support offered by the Coalition for federal identity recognition. Sadly, the previous term of government also left the most important issue for intersex people unconcluded.

The significant issues of bodily autonomy and freedom from unnecessary medical intervention are the most crucial matters facing intersex people in Australia. The Senate Inquiry on involuntary or coerced sterilisation has already made public the fact that genital surgeries and sterilisations happen to intersex infants, children and adolescents without any firm evidence of medical necessity, good outcomes, or long-term follow-up. The Senate Inquiry won’t report until at least the end of September.

These fundamental human rights issues desperately need addressing. The Coalition hasn’t always been clear about the biological nature of intersex, or our distinctive health needs, but we are glad they have indicated they are willing to learn more about us and our issues. We believe the current Senate Inquiry will help identify and address the issues and make specific recommendations, and we hope to meet with the new government to discuss these concerns in the very near future.

President/NSW contact:
Morgan Carpenter, +61 (0)405 615 942

Vice-President/Victoria contact:
Tony Briffa, +61 (0)418 398 906

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