Not So Private Lives – survey

Not So Private Lives: The Ins and Outs of Same-Sex Relationships is an online survey being conducted by Sharon Dane, Dr. Barbara Masser, and Dr. Julie Duck of the School of Psychology at The University of Queensland. It is subtitled ‘An anonymous survey conducted through The University of Queensland for the same-sex attracted people of Australia.’

The survey is accessible at

Not So Private Lives survey, screenshot.


The aim of this survey is to offer a positive and unique contribution to the growing body of research on the lives of sexual minorities in Australia and ultimately help provide a more effective means of communication between people differing in sexual orientation.  Results from the survey will build upon findings from earlier studies conducted in Australia and will be made available to organisations and individuals upon request, in order to further research and understanding.

  • The survey uses “scenarios” to look at how and when (if at all) individuals choose to disclose their sexuality through a same-sex relationship or while currently single.
  • The survey also looks at the different types of same-sex relationships in Australia and people’s preferences regarding relationship recognition whether single or in a casual or on-going relationship.
  • We are also very much interested in your opinion regarding the views of others in relation to same-sex relationships and same-sex attractions.

To be eligible to participate in this survey we require that you  (a) are at least 18 years of age (b) are a permanent resident or citizen of Australia and (c) consider yourself to be same-sex attracted.

Closing date: Midnight, Friday 14th August 2009.

The survey was drawn to our attention via an email passed on to us from Amnesty International, whose Australian branch is an ally of OII Australia. The email has ‘National LGBTQ/I Survey – Same-Sex Relationships – singles or couples’ in its subject line.

We recommend that OII Australia members and readers of this website participate in this survey.