The third intersex forum and identification documents

The third international intersex forum included a self-organising working group on identification documents. Given recent and proposed developments in Germany, Australia and Argentina, this seemed to be useful. 11 people from 8 organisations participated, and most of the text was included in the final forum statement. Our understanding is that the statement was shortened due to issues of space, not acceptability.

Here’s the full text on identification documents in English.

We support gender diversity, however, we believe that in most of today’s environments, children would be challenged by not being identified as boys or girls. Thus we recommend that intersex children be registered as females or males with the awareness that, like all people, they may grow up to identify as a different sex or gender. We reject normalising medical treatments on children.

Sex or gender classifications should be changeable non-bureaucratically on request by the individual. Adults and capable minors should be enabled to choose between F, M, non-binary, or multiple options.

All people regardless of their identities have the right to full equality and participation in society.

In the future, as with race or religion, sex or gender should not be a category on birth certificates or identification documents for anybody.

Here is the full public statement by the third international intersex forum