We welcome the VEOHRC Guidelines for General Practitioners

VEOHRC GP Guidelines
We welcome the publication of guidelines for general practitioners by the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission. With our input, it includes a good statement about what constitutes discrimination by family doctors towards intersex people. The statement reads:

Intersex people are a distinct group from transgender people and may experience different forms of discrimination. This might include:

  • failure to fully disclose diagnosis details, or doing so in a disrespectful manner or ways that prejudge treatment paths
  • failure to fully inform regarding treatment options, risks and outcomes, including options to delay or avoid interventions
  • suggesting that they must identify as a specific gender, or must have genital surgery, hormone or other treatment
  • irrelevant focus on the sex of the patient, including binary definitions of sex on intake and patient record forms (for example, tick-boxes that only offer two options, ‘male’ or ‘female’).

The Guidelines also include a good definition of intersex, and information about OII Australia and the AISSGA in the appendix.

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