Walkley Media Talk: A queer thing happened on the way to the newsroom

Walkley Media Talk
OII Australia president Morgan Carpenter participated in a capacity-crowd media talk organised by The Walkley Foundation on Thursday 27 February at the State Library of New South Wales.

Fellow panelists were Churchill Fellow and writer Senthorun Raj, journalists Monique Schafter (ABC’s 7.30 Report, formerly Hungry Beast) and Elias Jahshan (Star Observer, formerly Parramatta Advertiser), chaired by Patrick Abboud of The Feed on SBS:

As political and mainstream media debate rages over marriage equality, alternative media is left to wrestle with other critical issues and conflicts in the LGBTI community: bullying and suicide rates, discrimination against and the experience of intersex and trans-gender people and protection of rights for gay refugees, the homeless, poverty-stricken and those living with HIV. What does the more frequent coverage of high-profile LGBTI issues in the mainstream and advances in gay rights mean for the space traditionally occupied by queer press? Why do some issues dominate over others – and what are journalists doing to challenge this situation and inform community views?

Karin, a founder and board member of OII Australia, took some photographs, below – thanks, Karin!

We’d like to thank Flip, Angus and colleagues at the Walkley Foundation for this opportunity to speak.

(Article updated on 1 March with photos of the event and other post-event material.)

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