Safe Schools Coalition launch and participation request

Safe Schools Coalition: Stand Out
The Safe Schools Coalition Australia project has recently been launched, and both OII Australia and AISSGA provided some assistance to help turn a Victoria-based LGBT program into a national intersex-inclusive program. More work is being done (intersex is not about sexual or gender diversity) and that work includes hopes for intersex inclusion in the program’s new educational project, ‘All of Us’.

The series is being developed by the Safe Schools Coalition Victoria in partnership with Minus18 and supported by Safe Schools Coalition Australia and aims to make schools safer for all students, especially LGBT and intersex ones.

They would like to find a further cast member for the series – a young intersex person. They are ideally looking for an intersex person still in school but under age 23 would work. This young person would need to feel comfortable in sharing their story with a wider audience through the interview. The interview will be sensitive to the needs of the intersex person, and not be pushy, etc. We know this is a huge ask.

If you are a young person and would like further information about this project, please contact us for more information.

Here’s a trailer for the series:

More information

The Safe Schools Coalition website