Tony Briffa at the University of Melbourne medical student conference

Bodies In Between

On 1 July, Tony Briffa presented to the University of Melbourne medical student conference at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, along with clinicians Garry Warne and Sonia Grover, and ethicist Lynn Gillam.

This talk will discuss the different kinds of intersex conditions, what causes them, how decisions about both medical and surgical management are made and who is involved in making those decisions. A number of perspectives will be presented in this discussion, including a member and advocate for the intersex community, a paediatric endocrinologist, a gynaecologist and a medical ethicist.

Tony commented that “the feedback and discussion has been wonderful”.

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n d michell

Hi Tony, your fantastic, thanks :)… are there any forums or gatherings coming up in Sydney this year ? Yours truely, ndm.

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