OII Australia Attends ALP National Conference LGBTI Fringe Event

The Australian Labor Party’s National Conference is on at Darling Harbour, with tomorrow – Saturday – being its last day. OII Australia members have been attending and lobbying behind the scenes.

Last night we attended the NSW Rainbow Labor event, Labor’s record on LGBTI law reform, which was MCed by Senator Louise Pratt of Western Australia.

We are pleased to note that Senator Pratt is especially well-informed about intersex matters and supports human, civil and medical rights for intersex people. She announced a number of initiatives in these areas that are being raised at the National Conference.

Labor formally recognized that intersex exists by using the acronym LGBTI in the national platform that resulted from conferences proceedings. The platform states that LGBTI people face many health problems in Australia. We also lack equality, human rights and anti-discrimination protection. Intersex people are far worse off than any others in LGBTI

Marriage equality rally and ALP National Conference