National Day of Action for Same-Sex Marriage

The reality of being intersex puts a spin on the National Day of Action for Same-Sex Marriage. After all, although most intersex people are male or female, some are both and some are neither, so how do the latter two fit groups of people into the idea of same-sex marriage, we ask?

Consider this. If we are both sexes, we are in a same sex marriage if we marry a male or a female. Whatever we do, we can’t win.

And if we are neither sex, how can we marry someone of the opposite sex or of the same sex? What is the opposite of neither?

There is also the fact that many of us were, as newborns, surgically made to resemble a given sex regardless of whether that is our innate sex or not, as defined by the sex of our brains. Our doctors and parents arbitrarily chose a sex based on their own needs and not on ours, forcing us into lives, careers and marriages that may not be in accord with who we actually are.

At present, a number of intersex people are denied the right to marriage, along with a raft of other human rights everyone else takes for granted.

We ask that reason and sense enters the debate, especially from the side of those who wish to deny marriage to everyone.

We prefer to refer to tomorrow – Saturday 1st August – as the National Day of Action for Marriage for Everyone, intersex people included.

OII Australia members will be attending the National Day of Action in several cities across Australia.

Banner, National Day of Action for the right to marriage for everyone.