Interdisciplinary intersex studies event in Lincoln, England

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From 17-19 July 2019, the Eleanor Glanville Centre at the University of Lincoln, England, will hold the event Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Intersex.

People with intersex traits have naturally occurring sex characteristics which are considered to sit outside the binary norms associated with male and female bodies. Intersex bodies are frequently labelled ‘disordered’ and are subjected to treatment to ‘correct’ aspects of the body which are not considered to fit within the notions of a ‘typical’ male or female body. Intersex has received a growing amount of attention since the early-1990s from a variety of specialists. This conference offers the opportunity for people from all disciplines to come together to share their knowledge of intersex and is motivated by a need to combine ideas and expertise to increase knowledge, visibility and acceptance of intersex. We welcome attendance from postgraduate students, academics, activists and advocates working in the area of intersex, interested members of the public, medical practitioners, legal specialists, authors, artists, and anyone who has an interest in intersex issues. This conference will provide a safe space for intersex and non-intersex attendees to network in order to further the development of intersex knowledge.

Morgan Carpenter (IHRA) is presenting alongside speakers from around the UK, Europe, North America and Oceania.

This event is one of a series of new interdisciplinary events that marks the establishment of an interdisciplinary field of intersex studies. IHRA is pleased to support a new intersex studies mailing list to promote this development.

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