Karin: “Erasing the fact of natural variations in sex with John Money’s gender theories”

What is it about the word SEX that so upsets so many people that they feel compelled to substitute it with the word GENDER?

It’s not just an American thing – too squeamish to use words that say exactly what they mean that they must invent pussy-footing, limp euphemisms, and even euphemisms for euphemisms.

During the last few days discussions have been occurring wherein people tell us, intersex people, that what we are all about is ‘gender.’ They could not bring themselves to say the word SEX. Just too dirty, too filthy, too disgusting, that word. Just too accurate for such soft-minded souls.

I’m sorry, WHAT?

Intersex is about SEX – the sex we are, not the sex we do.

Intersex contains the word SEX.

Before John Money, ‘gender’ was a concept reserved for grammar, wherein a noun may have a gender that is feminine, masculine or neuter. Then Money corrupted the English language, amongst other things. (He also wrote papers supportive of pedophilia.)

Before the current wave of feminism, ‘gender’ did not refer primarily to females. (Such as in reports of fully justified efforts to achieve to “better gender mixes” on corporate boards of directors.)

As intersex people, and as males, females, neither or both, we must keep pointing out that intersex is about sex, not gender.


Deal with it.

Get over it.

Live with it.

Intersex people do.

At least we have the guts to say the word SEX every time we say INTERSEX.

How about you?

Meanwhile, Joanne Proctor has written insightfully on the background of Dr Money’s invention of his particular set of gender theories.

Joanne illustrates the difficulty and absurdity of applying Money’s theories to intersex people with the example of a Melbourne man who, after the attending birth physician measured the length of his penis and, finding it too short for his own taste, hacked him up and made him into a girl. Or so he thought.

Disgusting thing to do to an innocent child. Even worse is how that child, now an adult, is being treated by psychologists who appear to be true believers in Money’s Big Lie, that raising a child in the sex they are not will somehow convince them that they are the sex they are not.

So, what is it going to take for people to get the fact that intersex is not about ‘gender’?



I love this piece. The sooner this nonsense is exposed for the denial and fundamentalism it is the better off everyone will be. And I mean everone.

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