Our thanks to Corey Irlam

Corey Irlam of Australian Coalition for Equality, Sydney, August 2009. Photograph by Angela Erde.

No major social change is ever accomplished alone, and usually involves the combined efforts of many people in back rooms, hotel rooms and off to the side of plushly decorated conference rooms.

The same principle applied when OII Australia and our allies recently worked behind the scenes to ensure that the Australian Labor Party (ALP) finally recognized the existence of intersex people and our very real and pressing needs for major reforms all across Australia in human rights, protection against discrimination and vilification, and most urgently of all, client-centred health care.

In due course we will be recognizing and thanking our wonderful allies in the pages of this website, with the first being Corey Irlam of Australian Coalition for Equality (ACE).

Corey recently took up a contract post at a NSW LGBTI health care organization, and we took advantage of his recent move here to make a portrait of him in the Sydney CBD. Thank you, Corey, for all your help and advice!