Our thanks to Alex Greenwich, MP

We thank Alex Greenwich, MP, the independent Member of the NSW Parliament for Sydney for his allyship.

Earlier this month, Alex secured and chaired a meeting between Morgan Carpenter (OIIAU), Bonnie Hart (AISSGA), Professor Les White (NSW Chief Paediatrician) and staff of NSW Health and Alex’s office. This particular meeting arose from a request by Alex Greenwich to share and discuss the research of a recent sociological study with staff of NSW Health.

Alex has supported other processes with the Ministry, including assistance in establishing dialogue with the office of the Minister for Health.

Alex, thank you for your work.

Update: in November 2019, Alex generously and formally recognised the work of Intersex Human Rights Australia for our work in a Community Recognition Statement. Thank you, Alex.

Read the Statement in Hansard at the NSW Parliament website.

Community Recognition Statement, 2019