Intersex Social Sciences: Activism, Human Rights, and Citizenship

Bologna rooftops, all terracotta

The Universities of Huddersfield and Bologna will hold an Intersex Social Science: Activism, Human Rights, and Citizenship conference at the Department of Philosophy and Communication, University of Bologna, on 4-5 June 2018.

This 2-day conference provides a multi-disciplinary forum for the further development of social science approaches to Intersex and Variations of Sex Characteristics. Sociological, anthropological, political science, philosophical, psychological and other approaches are all crucial for developing knowledge that centres the experiences and insights of Intersex people and those with Variations of Sex Characteristics. A commitment to fostering positive Intersex activist and academic alliances lies at the heart of this conference.

People born with Intersex variations (medically referred to with the controversial term ‘DSD’ (Disorders of Sex Development)) are born with diversities in their sex characteristics that are perceived to fall outside the socially constructed norms for the male and female body. The medical treatment of these variations has raised criticism from Intersex people themselves, as well as many international bodies. This conference will highlight and develop human rights approaches to Intersex and Variations of Sex Characteristics. It will foreground emerging theoretical frameworks and concepts that support Intersex human rights, including the social model of Intersex health, and notions of Intersex citizenship. The conference will provide space for understanding the wide range of strategies used by Intersex advocates and human rights defenders. We will also address the day-day lived experiences of Intersex people and those with Variations of Sex Characteristics.

Morgan Carpenter will run a workshop on the Yogyakarta Principles plus 10, and speak in a session on the ‘normalising’ of intersex bodies and ‘othering’ of intersex identities. Aileen Kennedy (UNE and IHRA board member) will speak on the role of the Family Court of Australia. Other speakers from our region include Georgia Andrews (Intersex Youth Aotearoa) and Denise Steers (University of Otago).

Speakers at the event come from a wide range of countries across Europe, Oceania, North America, Africa and Asia.

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