Sally Gross in The Times (South Africa): “Sex typing is fuzzy science”

Sally Gross of Intersex South Africa writes:

Caster Semenya’s situation strikes powerful chords in my personal experience. About 15 years ago, the determination that I am intersexed pulled my life comprehensively apart.

It brought a brutal end to my career as an academic pedagogue and teacher of philosophy and it killed an almost completed doctoral thesis in which the Oxford University Press had expressed interest.

The ostracism I experienced and the shattering of expectations and hopes left me a dead person on leave.

A few years later , medical evidence documenting the ambiguity of my genitalia led to the denial of any official South African identifying documents, making me a non-person in the South African legal context, unable even to return to my land of birth.

The two examinations that informed the documentation I was required to submit were respectful and gentle, but I still remember them as deeply traumatising.

I became a person in South African law again only after a 15-month battle leading to ad hoccery on the part of the authorities, for which I am grateful. …

Sex typing is fuzzy science - Click to read this article.

Sally Gross is the founder of Intersex South Africa (ISSA).