New book and call for submissions to “Writing from Below”

The cover of Michael Noble's book
Writing From Below will publish a special issue in 2020 to honour and extend the impact of the work of Dr Michael Noble. Michael was a historian, writer, researcher, activist and advocate whose words appear on this site. He made a significant contribution to his communities, to knowledge and to the lives of those around him.

The editors, doctors Corinna Di Niro and Alex Dunkin, are looking a variety of traditional and non-traditional submissions.

All submissions are due on 20th December 2019. Please submit online via the Writing From Below website

We’re also delighted to announce that Michael’s novel, Nicholas Culpeper and the Mystery of the Philosopher’s Stone, has been published by Buon-Cattivi Press.

More information

Download the call for submissions for more information: Call for submissions (PDF format).

Find out more about Michael’s book, Nicholas Culpeper and the Mystery of the Philosopher’s Stone