IHRA and COVID-19 (an update)

This is an update on COVID-19 and Intersex Human Rights Australia.

As of August, Intersex Human Rights Australia Ltd is registered with the NSW Government as a COVIDSafe business. This means we have made a commitment to protect all our staff, clients and community members from COVID-19.

Some businesses are required to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan under Australian public health orders, but at IHRA we have chosen to voluntarily complete one.

We have based our COVID-19 safety plan off of the NSW Business Guidelines, but is broad and applies to our staff and board members in all areas of Australia.

All IHRA staff work from home because we have never had the resources for any physical office workspace. Because IHRA already has a remote or ‘virtual’ office, our COVID-19 guidelines are straightforward.

The main points in our COVID-19 Safety Plan are:

  • No face-to-face team meetings, board meetings or events are to be undertaken, and no interstate travel for work reasons will be permitted, until deemed safe by state and national government legislation;
  • Meetings and events to take place via online meeting software only;
  • Staff continue to work remotely from home;
  • Payments and invoices are to be made contactlessly;
  • Ensure staff are aware of their leave entitlements, should they become sick or unable to work.

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