Intersex 2021 – A Vision for the Future

"Intersex 2021 - A Vision for the Future" conference

The latest conference in a series to focus entirely on interdisciplinary studies takes place online on Wednesday 21 to Thursday 22 April, organised and hosted by Dublin City University, Ireland.

Our interdisciplinary conference, which will now move online, aims to bring together a multiplicity of discourses about intersex/variations of sex characteristics in society. This conference continues on an important path that takes intersex out its historical confines in the medical space where babies, children, adults and their bodies have been problematised in the quest to “normalise” difference. Contemporary understandings of intersex/variations of sex characteristics demand more informed and multidisciplinary perspectives. Intersex 2021 – A Vision For The Future aims to provide an inclusive and diverse platform through which to listen and discuss intersex for the new decade.

Morgan Carpenter will be giving a keynote address at his alma mater university on 21 April (evening in Australia/morning in Ireland). Sara Phillips (Intersex Ireland/TENI) and Kitty Anderson (Intersex Iceland/OII Europe) will also give keynote addresses.

Look out also for other intersex scholars from our region, including Bonnie Hart (IPSA/QC) speaking on intersex lived experience, trauma and growth in Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand, Eliana Rubashkyn (ITANZ/Rainbow Path) talking about COVID-19 in the global South, and Rogena Sterling (ITANZ/University of Waikato) talking on intersex advocacy in Aotearoa New Zealand, all on 21 April in a late evening (Australia)/ late morning (Ireland) parallel panel session.

Steph Lum (former IHRA chair) is a PhD candidate at Dublin City University as part of the INIA program, and Steph will join other PhD candidates in the program in an evening (Australia)/morning (Ireland) session on 22 April.

Kamran Qureshi will talk about intersex representation in Australian media. Also based in our region, Mandy Henningham and Tiffany Jones will talk about their family research. Speakers at the conference will also participate from around Ireland, Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia.

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There is a small fee to participate in the event, €10 (~AU$15.50) students/unwaged or €29.99 (~AU$46.46) waged.

Important: Please check times as the times noted are from a draft program and may change.

For anyone interested in finding out more about intersex studies and networking with others, we run an intersex studies email list.