Welcoming Cody Smith

Cody Smith
IHRA is delighted to share the appointment of Cody Smith as Senior Projects Officer, commencing on 1 August 2021.

Cody has been a Canberra based intersex educator and activist for the last eight years. Starting off in grassroots community education, Cody has spent the last four years as Intersex Project Coordinator for A Gender Agenda. They’ve been involved in building organisational capacity, policy development, running peer support programs, as well as developing resources and training from a lived experience perspective. With a background in science communication and in library and information services, Cody brings a bright and sincere voice to the space and believes that visibility and conversation are the right way forward to improving the circumstances of people with innate variations of sex characteristics in Australia. As a signatory of the Darlington Statement and key collaborator on legislative work in the ACT, Cody looks forward to contributing further to the national discussion on intersex human rights.

IHRA executive director Morgan Carpenter says:

We are so glad to welcome Cody to IHRA. The Senior Projects Officer role doubles our paid staffing capacity at an exciting time of change, with multiple projects under way to promote legal reform, and work to improve resources for parents, youth and broader communities. This is such a significant development, and we are delighted to have someone who can contribute effectively from the get go. Cody brings a wealth of experience in training, communications and education, and they have been directly involved in community development work for many years in addition to support for parents, families and individuals.

Both Cody and Morgan are paid to work part-time.

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