Webinar: Raising awareness and visibility of the ‘I’ in educational settings

Intersex Human Rights Australia continues a regular webinar series with this free webinar on Monday 27 September 2021 by Agli Zavros-Orr.

The intersex human rights movement has, to date, focused on advocating for greater understanding and changing practices in medical, legal and political spaces. Contemporary literature is beginning to explore how the health and wellbeing of people born with variations in sex characteristics are also impacted by educational discursive practices. In most instances, however, intersex remains invisible or poorly addressed in school curricula. Historically education, as understood through a broad definition of curricula, reflects prevailing societal perspectives and subsequently ideations about the body’s biology, sex, sex characteristics, gender and sexualities. This webinar explores how curricula can be a means for productively and constructively learning about intersex that is inclusive of the intersex human rights movement, diversity of lived experience and identities.

Dr Agli Zavros-Orr is an independent academic, researcher and consultant. As a white person, a child of a migrant family, and English as one of their languages – they bring a sensitivity to issues of inclusion and diversity in education. Drawing on their background and lived experience as a person born with a variation in sex characteristics they pay attention to the intersectional nature of factors impacting of young people’s education, health and wellbeing. They advocate for an ‘ethic of just-care’ in educative through an anti-bias curriculum and pedagogical approaches. Agli is the founder of Diversitywise Educational Services and undertakes advocacy and activist roles. They are currently the chair for Intersex Human Rights Australia (IHRA) and a member of the Victorian government’s Intersex Expert Advisory Group (IEAG).

This free webinar will be held via Zoom on Monday 27 September 2021 from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm AEST.

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Please note that this event will be recorded and published online afterwards.