Sydney Morning Herald: Ordered from Australia to face mutilation

Young women are subjected to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in countries all over the world, whether it is done in secrecy or not.

Efforts are underway in some countries to outlaw FGM, but the practice is alive and well in Africa and the Middle East. OII Australia hopes that the young women profiled in the following article will be permitted to remain in Australia, and that the new law described will be an effective one in helping protect such women.

Sydney Morning Herald: Ordered from Australia to face mutilations

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Non-consensual genital surgery at any age is a fundamental breach of human rights.

There is news now that male circumcision can play a part in reducing the risks of AIDS. Will we see a return to infant circumcision without the child’s consent? No child needs such surgery as no child is likely to be engaged in sexual intercourse, and if they are the proper action is through the law courts and against their abusers, not through the hospitals.

All genital surgery should demand the consent of the person upon whom it is being performed except in life preserving cases. Where a person is unable to consent, because of an incapacity, the law courts should be deferred to.

Gina Wilson

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