Writing an intersex character

Hans Lindahl, formerly of interACT, presents here one of best discussions about how to write intersex characters in fiction. We highly commend this video, and other work by Hans.

Wondering how to write an intersex character? In my work as an authenticity reader, I’ve seen lots of fiction and nonfiction manuscripts featuring intersex characters. Here are my thoughts on the context of writing intersex characters, popular representation, and the top mistakes I see from authors.

0:00 Introduction
0:23 Context on intersex representation
1:24 Thoughts on non-intersex authors writing intersex characters
3:35 Mistake 1: made-up body types
5:45 Mistake 2: lack of attention to race and ethnicity
8:25 Mistake 3: implying intersex causes being trans or nonbinary
10:19 Mistake 4: using intersex as a plot twist
12:12 Mistake 5: not integrating into the story’s context

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