We are happy to announce that intersex-led psychosocial support is now available through InterLink. InterLink is a specialised intersex mental health and wellbeing service, providing confidential fee-free, short-term counselling to intersex people of any age as well as parents or carers of children with intersex variations.

It is available Australia-wide through online video conferencing. The aim is to bring people together to talk about living with innate variations of sex characteristics with the support of trained counsellors and intersex peer workers.

InterLink has been running structured therapeutic groups work over the past year and will be offering one-on-one counselling from July 2023. InterLink helps people with intersex variations and their parents achieve their personal goals and meet their health needs through individual and group counselling, community care coordination and warm referrals to known affirmative service providers and networks of peers.

We look forward to making a lot of big announcements about Interlink over the next few months.

Registrations are open now for upcoming group sessions and the waiting list for one-on-one counselling commencing in July. Click here to register.

If you would like some InterLink brochures for your service or require more information contact Bonnie, the InterLink Manager