Centring Intersex – conference webinar

A bonus webinar from February this year, IHRA teamed up with Intersex Aotearoa and YOUth&I to talk about advocacy in the region and the personal cost of storytelling. Centring Intersex was an incredible opportunity to bring activists and academics together for four days of incredible presentations and intense discussions. Though the difference in time zones wasn’t especially kind to us, we were thrilled to participate.



A huge thank you to all the participants on the panel.

Moderator – Dr Aileen Kennedy – IHRA Chair

Morgan Carpenter – Executive Director IHRA

Bonnie Hart – Deputy Executive Director IHRA

Steph Lum – YOUth & I Producer

Georgia Andrews – YOUth & I Editor

Jelly O’ Shea – Communications and Community Manager Intersex Aotearoa