National Day of Protest for the Equal Right to Marriage, for Intersex People As Well

Equal Marriage Rally, Saturday 28th November 2009, Australia-wide.

Whoever we are attracted to, whoever we love, intersex people do not have the same right to marriage as most non-intersex people.

Intersex people are the “collateral damage” of John Howard’s legislative move to restrict marriage to between what his Liberal Party federal government believed is a man and a woman, although they have never succeeded in defining what a man and a woman actually are.

Regrettably, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd does not yet support marriage equality, despite the ALP adopting the LGBTI acronym in its last national conference. We must continue to protest for this one facet of equality with other human beings.

Saturday 28th November is the next day of protest for intersex people to protest on behalf of marriage equality. We urge everyone taking part on the day not to forget intersex people.