FUSE magazine: “Caster Semenya forced gender test: Should we abolish sex discrimination from sport?”

Simon Copland reports in FUSE magazine:

The stereotype of the weaker sex is a prevalent and destructive one. To remove it we must remove sex discrimination in sport and allow people of all sexes to compete freely using an array of skills as the tester of athleticism. We can no longer accept the image of women as being the weaker, less athletic sex or an imaginary binary determining what athleticism is.

FUSE, Simon Copland: Should We Abolish Sex Discrimination from Sport?

Removing sex separation and discrimination in sport would be more inclusive for intersex athletes, and address sexist attitudes to women. If we really want to create fairer competition we must stop assuming someone isn’t good enough because they don’t have a pair of testicles and focus on people’s actual skills instead.

We were heartened to read this substantial and understanding article in the Canberra GLBTQ publication, FUSE.

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