Star Observer: Norrie may well be the first of their kind

SSO: Norrie’s may well be the first of their kind
Gina Wilson is quoted in this article about the impact of a third sex classification on intersex infants and children:

SAGE said the decision was also a win for intersex children who might be registered as ‘Sex Not Specified’ until they decided what sex was right for them.

However, Gina Wilson of Organisation Internationale des Intersexués Australia disagrees. “We think having ‘not specified’ on a child’s birth certificate will add to their burden,” Wilson said. “If this were a non-prejudiced society, it would be fair enough — but it’s not.

“Children struggle enough with a non-conforming body and the issues around that without having to struggle with a document that declares that to anybody who sees it.”

Wilson said it was adequate for parents to give intersex children unisex names and a temporary gender designation for documents as male or female until they are old enough to decide for themselves.

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