JakartaGlobe: “Gender confusion lands suspect in women’s prison”

Two stories of a man with XXY sex chromosomes in Indonesia, who faced difficulties due to his upbringing as a girl.

JakartaGlobe: “Gender confusion lands suspect in women’s prison”

JakartaGlobe: Gender Confusion Lands Suspect in Women’s Prison
Medicine almost always assigns people with the XXY karyotype as male regardless of whether their sex is male, female, both or neither.

Although Alterina Hofan says he is a man, authorities think otherwise and have detained him at Pondok Bambu Women’s Penitentiary for allegedly falsifying his personal data.

Alter, as the 32-year-old is also known, said he was born a boy but because his male genitalia did not develop properly when he was a baby, his mother decided to registered him as female, even dressing and treating him as a girl. However, he says he grew up thinking he was a boy.

Only when he was in his teens did his penis finally develop, Alter added.

Doctors at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital in Central Jakarta, Alter said, had diagnosed him as suffering from Klinefelter’s syndrome, a sex chromosome disorder which reduces testicular hormone production and can result in abnormally small testes and underdeveloped genitalia. …

Jakarta Globe: “Gender Confusion a Lifelong Struggle for Those With Klinefelter Syndrome”

JakartaGlobe: Gender Confusion a Lifelong Struggle for Those With Klinefelter Syndrome

There are additional psychological impacts. The syndrome is not usually detected until the sufferer reaches puberty, at which time changes in the body occur. Some parents, therefore, believing their child is female, raise them as such, which “often causes great frustration because they feel like a man but are forced to live as a woman,” he said.

Indra said it was very important for the parents to recognize the symptoms of Klinefelter before the children grew up in confusion

“Monitoring the growth of your children and paying attention to their genital development is very important, when your child is 9 or 10, find out whether their genitals are developing properly,” he said.

“Don’t be selfish; if the child’s sexuality is not what the parents thought it was and they want to live differently, the parents should let them,” he said.

Surabaya-based psychiatrist Yuniar Soenarko said sexual ambiguity could lead to mental health issues ranging from depression to suicidal tendencies.

“If somebody has to live under a certain sexual assignment, they might comply out of respect to their parents, but it’s going to be a lifetime stressor,” she said.

Yuniar said psychological therapy would be needed in order for the entire family to embrace the change, if the child later decided to live as a man instead of a woman. …

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