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Bioethicists and paediatric surgeons debate intersex medical interventions

…based at RCH as well as at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. And then Mr Morgan Carpenter, who is with the IHRA as an intersex advocate. Now, I’ll just quickly run through the session format. I know I have given you the document that is quite extensive as to how it is going to run. I will firstly begin the session by introducing you all and introducing, um sorry, doing an acknowledgement of country as well. Then I’ll basically hand directly over…

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Morgan Carpenter: new peer-reviewed papers on medical “normalisation” and legal “othering”

…ing on the right to bodily integrity and principles of self-determination. Morgan Carpenter. 2018 The ‘normalization’ of intersex bodies and ‘othering’ of intersex identities in Australia. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, 15(4). Open access. Morgan Carpenter. 2018. ‘The ‘normalisation’ of intersex bodies and ‘othering’ of intersex identities’. In Jens Sherpe, Anatol Dutta, and Tobias Helms (editors). The legal status of intersex persons. Cambridge,…

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Bodily integrity

…issues are articulated in the most vivid ways possible in a debate between Morgan Carpenter, and a bioethicist and 2 paediatric surgeons speaking at an event for University of Melbourne medical students in June 2020 (Hutson, et al. 2020). The video debate is highly commended as a way of understanding and hearing clinical thinking at the highest levels in Australia. Our position Affirm the Darlington Statement → Yogyakarta Principles plus 10 → Our…

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Morgan Carpenter at LGBTI Human Rights in the Commonwealth conference

…land: #LGBTIhrc panel re: Commonwealth @bisialimi @tabengm @beckykent1962 @morgancarpenter @SilvanAgius — Silvan Agius (@SilvanAgius) July 20, 2014 Great to have Morgan Carpenter putting #intersex atthe centre of discussion #lgbtihrc @LGBTIScotland @Kaleidoscope_T — Matthew Waites (@MatthewWaites) July 18, 2014 Eloquent and hard hitting words from speaker Morgan Carpenter on intersex people aro…

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…uenced public discussion. The present situation is one where, according to Morgan Carpenter, the case of Caster Semenya illustrates: a convenience-based approach to classification of sex where choices about the status of people with intersex variations are made by others according to their interests at that time (Carpenter 2020). Carpenter concludes by stating that, even “where inconvenient, sex assigned at birth should always be respected unless…

RightsTalk, 22 February 2017: Anna Brown, Imam Nur Warsame, Morgan Carpenter, and Ed Santow

Morgan Carpenter: RightsTalk on protecting the rights of intersex people

…sted by Human Rights Commissioner Ed Santow, with Anna Brown, Director of Advocacy and Strategic Litigation, Human Right Law Centre and Imam Nur Warsame, Founder of Marhaba, a social support group for LGBTIQ Muslims. Morgan has posted his speech online, on his website at https://twitter….

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Morgan Carpenter: Diversity & power in mental health services, addressing structural violence

…inician: Structural violence at the intersection of mental health & racism Morgan Carpenter, President of Organisation Intersex International Australia: Structural violence at the intersection of mental health & intersex status. Sam Brhaspati Stott, consumer and Policy Officer with the NSW Consumer Advisory Group – Mental Health Inc. Twitter @brhaspati108 Morgan’s presentation is available to read online. According to the National Framework for Re…

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Intersex health – Morgan Carpenter’s presentation to Health in Difference conference

…nd Morgan on Saturday 20 April. Plenary presentation on intersex health by Morgan Carpenter I’d like to give thanks to the people of the Kulin nations on whose land we gather and pay my respects to their elders past and present. I’m going to focus on health issues, that will hopefully give you more clarity about our issues, and an awareness of the range of current actions – some of which we are working on as part of LGBTI and others that we’re wor…

Reproductive Health Matters Journal: "Intersex human rights: clinical self-regulation has failed"

Morgan Carpenter: “Clinical self-regulation has failed”

…tersex human rights: clinical self-regulation has failed”   On invitation, Morgan Carpenter has written a blog post for the journal Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters: “Intersex human rights: clinical self-regulation has failed”. Here’s an extract: There is neither clinical consensus nor clinical evidence to support current coercive practices [8]. Clinical bodies face multiple challenges in constructing evidence to support these clinical pract…

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Identification documents

…ly collected when and where necessary. The current situation reflects what Morgan Carpenter (2018a) describes as a harmful contradiction in law and policy in Australia: In practice, intersex bodies remain “normalized” or eliminated by medicine, while society and the law “others” intersex identities. That is, medicine constructs intersex bodies as either female or male, while law and society construct intersex identities as neither female nor male….

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Morgan Carpenter: “intersex and ageing”

…d, and work entirely on volunteer time. Notes This is a personal speech by Morgan Carpenter, president of OII Australia. References Australasian Paediatric Endocrine Group, Jacqueline Hewitt, Garry Warne, Paul Hofman, and Andrew Cotterill. Submission of the Australasian Paediatric Endocrine Group to the Senate Inquiry Into the Involuntary or Coerced Sterilization of People with Disabilities in Australia: Regarding the Management of Children with D…

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Health and wellbeing

…ue on LGBTQIA health. The magazine contains articles on intersex people by Morgan Carpenter and Dr Jenny Beale, and a paper on health screening by Dr Kimberley Ivory. Morgan Carpenter (co-executive director of IHRA) wrote on What do intersex people need from doctors? Dr Jenny Beale provides a clinical overview of biological and human rights considerations. Dr Kimberley Ivory provides guidance in relation to screening programs. Senate Community Aff…