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Karin: Lili Elbe’s autobiography, Man into Woman

…artistic fame spread. But nobody knew who was concealed behind the model. Legends sprang up around it…. One day Grete received an invitation from Paris to exhibit her ‘Lili sketches.’ And so the three of us were transplanted to Paris: Grete, I, and – Lili.” Lili’s Life and Her Book Lili wrote what became Man into Woman through the period of her surgeries in the early 1930s, as a form of therapy and to help explain herself to the world at large. A…

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Karin in LOTL Magazine: “The Legend of Lili Elbe”

…he article (PDF, 2.1 MB) The article by EarthAngel was written to coincide with the Australian re-release of The Danish Girl, the novel by David Ebershoff that is based on the life of Lili Elbe. Nicole Kidman is co-producing and starring in a feature film derived from the novel. She will be playing the part of Lili Elbe née Einar Wegener….

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First Hollywood bio about an intersex person, Lili Elbe

…s book in turn was based on or at least inspired by the true story of Lili Elbe, whose memoirs were first published as Man into Woman in the 1930s. The book was republished in the UK by Blue Boat Books several years ago. Nicole Kidman’s production company, Blossom Films, is producing the The Danish Girl under a production deal with Rupert Murdoch’s Twentieth Century Fox. I am very interested in the progress of this movie and will be following it o…

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Karin on “Roberta Cowell’s Story, by Herself”

…n put right surgically, and all traces of masculinisation removed. On Lili Elbe née Einar Wegener He read medical books extensively, and became convinced that his internal organs were abnormal. At forty he was a desperately unhappy person, contemplating suicide. Then he met a German doctor who was prepared to help him. Examinations revealed that his body had undoubted female conformation. He underwent a series of operations. The presence of rudime…

Lili Elbe ur Boken

Lili Elbe in her own words

Below is reproduced a letter written by Lili Elbe née Einar Wegener in 1930 shortly before the surgery that would lead to her death. The searing tragedy of her situation could not be clearer. The dangerous medical advice she had already been given and that resulted in tissue necrosis was surpassed by the attempted transplant she refers to in this letter. Lili still loved and was deeply loved and had plans for her artistic future. Please note that…

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Joint statement to the Congregation for Catholic Education

…ian Greens, Senator Janet Rice Wir sind Kirche – Österreich, Martha Heizer Lilypad Centre, Karen Duncan FAMILY MEN GROUP, MARTIN MBUGUA Philadelphia Corporation of Aging, Linda Marucci We Are Church International, Colm Holmes, Chair TIA Group (Trans, Intersex and Allies), Michelle Koleva Jewish Studies and Social Justice program at University of San Francisco, Rabbi Camille Shira Angel Fundación Comunidad Esperanza y Justicia Internacional (FUNCEJ…

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The Age on Tony Briffa: “Choosing the right gender”

…Briffa is a resilient pragmatist with a wonderful sense of humour, writes Lily Bragge. When Tony Briffa was born at Altona Hospital in 1970, doctors were unable to determine his gender. The younger of a set of twins, Briffa’s sister Catherine was confidently announced to be a girl, but for Tony, there was much doubt. More information The Age, 1 February 2005: Choosing the right gender The Age, 9 July 2010: Voices of the ‘other’ that need to be he…

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Five years of the not-for-profit company

…Canberra. 2009: Karin publishes a series of investigative articles on Lili Elbe and Morgan writes on testosterone. 2010 6 May 2010: The company is officially incorporated. The founder members and directors are Morgan Carpenter, Karin Gottschalk, Jo Proctor, Priscilla Quirk, Chris Somers and Gina Wilson. Gina is the founding president. 12 May 2010: Michael Noble writes on representations of Klinefelter Syndrome. 22 May 2010: Gina gives a TEDx talk…