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different priorities

Different priorities

  Ever feel like there are different priorities? Folks talk with us about birth certificates. We talk about health, sterilisation, bodily autonomy and peer support. #intersex Download and share Download “different priorities” poster (PDF) Share on social media Share on Facebook Share on Tumblr Ever feel there are different priorities? #intersex #health #coercive-practices — OII…
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Intersex community socials flyer with OII Australia and AISSGA logos

Open community social events in Sydney, second Tuesday of each month

Open community social events for people with intersex variations will start in Sydney on 9 December 2014, in partnership with the AIS Support Group Australia. Anyone with an intersex variation is welcome, as are parents and families of children and adults with intersex variations. You don’t need to be a member of either organisation to come along.

Morgan, Candice, Moo and Sandra at the Newtown Festival, 2014

Newtown Festival, 2014

Folks who follow our social media accounts will know that a group of people from OII Australia and the AIS Support Group Australia participated through a stall in the 2014 Newtown Festival recently…


The “Phall-O-Meter”

The Phall-O-Meter is a satirical representation of the way that clinicians have historically determined whether visibly intersex children should be assigned female (and subjected to feminising surgeries) or assigned male (and subjected to masculinising surgeries).

Tony Briffa gives a Q&A at the Castan Centre

Tony Briffa speaks at Monash University on intersex human rights

“Arthur, Martha and everyone else”: equality now for intersex, trans and gender diverse peoples We’re delighted that Tony Briffa spoke at Monash University’s Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, on the human rights of intersex people, on 7 October from 6pm to 7.30pm. The Castan Centre is part of the university’s Faculty of Law. More…
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Petition: let Dutee Chand run

We invite you to consider signing this petition on the exclusion of women with high natural levels of testosterone from participating in competitive sport. OII Australia has previously reported how several elite women athletes have been subjected to “partial clitoridectomies” and sterilisation in order to compete, in a process that is clearly coercive. We urge…
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Tony Briffa in Body&Soul: “I’m proud to be intersex”

Tony Briffa appears in an article in the “Body and Soul” magazine today, in the Sunday Herald Sun (Victoria), Sunday Telegraph (NSW), Sunday Mail (QLD), Sunday Mail (SA), Sunday Territorian, Sunday Times and the Sunday Tasmanian.

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Schoolbook on “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity”, and intersex status

We have recently received a copy of “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity”, a schoolbook by Australian publisher The Spinney Press in their “Issues in Society” series. It also contains content on intersex people and intersex issues. That content includes an intersex for allies guide, and “It’s time to defend intersex rights“, an article on the…
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OII Australia logotype

Intersex and ANZPATH

OII Australia recently wrote to ANZPATH (Australian and New Zealand Professional Association for Transgender Health) regarding a position taken by that organisation suggesting intersex was part of its remit, and part of their description of transgender. Given that intersex is recognised by diverse institutions, including the Australian government and the World Health Organization as a…
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No scientific basis for current policy excluding elite intersex women from sport

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism this month contains a report on research by the International Association of Athletics Federations’ Medical and Anti-Doping Department and Commission, and others. It states that there is “no clear scientific evidence” for current policies excluding elite intersex women athletes from competitive sport on the basis of high androgen…
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AISSGA annual conference this weekend

This weekend our friends at the Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group Australia (AISSGA) hold their annual conference, in Sydney near Central Station. If you haven’t registered yet, please do so quickly by emailing Registration is free and open to all intersex people and their families who are current members. There is a small travel…
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Let Dutee Chand run

We are disturbed by reports that Indian woman athlete Dutee Chand has been denied a position in the Indian Commonwealth Games team, on the basis of a test result showing elevated natural levels of blood testosterone. It also appears that Chand discovered the news via press reports, and not directly from sports or medical authorities….
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