Author: Tony Briffa

Tony Briffa speaks at the Darwin Outgames Human Rights Forum

Darwin OutGames Human Rights Forum

Tony Briffa spoke on “Nothing about us without us – Stepping out of the shadows and giving intersex people a voice” for OII Australia and the Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group Australia at the Darwin Outgames Human Rights Forum on 15 May this year. Here is the speech. Good morning everyone. I would like to…
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Tony Briffa writes on “Disorders of Sex Development”

Photo of Tony Briffa while mayor of Hobson's Bay

I’ve been intending to provide my thoughts on the issue of the use of the term “Disorders of Sex Development”, and here they are. I recognise this is a contentious issue in some parts of our community overseas, and it’s time to have a good, open, frank, respectful discussion about it. I appreciate some people…
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Understanding the needs of older intersex people

The Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society and Val’s Café is partnering with OII Australia to understand the needs of older intersex people. This information will be used to develop educational resources to aged care service providers to improve services. If you are an intersex person resident in Australia aged 60 years or…
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GNN interviews Tony Briffa: a new quest for human rights

MCV interviewes Tony Briffa

Rachel Cook in MCV/Gay News Network interviews Tony Briffa in a great extended review of Tony’s life and work, published today. On finding out about Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome and taking testosterone: At the age of 29, (after she had been in a straight marriage with a man for two years from 19 to 21 and…
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When is marriage equality not marriage equality?

I support marriage equality and acknowledge the great work done by Australian Marriage Equality (AME) over the years. I am disappointed however, that they are now pushing legislation in NSW and Tasmania that will exclude some intersex and trans people from marriage. This clearly is not “marriage equality” which is why I am calling on AME…
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We welcome the ACT Marriage Equality Bill

Congratulations to the ACT government for today tabling their Marriage Equality Bill! The Bill is very inclusive: it permits everyone not covered under the Commonwealth Marriage Act to get married, so couples that are not comprised of “a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others” will be able to get married (and…
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Tony Briffa on ABC’s 7.30 report

I am a combination of male and female. That is the way that nature made me. And there’s nothing wrong with that. OII Australia and AISSGA board member Tony Briffa appeared in a segment on intersex, trans and gender diverse people tonight on ABC’s 7.30 current affairs programme and a matching news article. Tony did…
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