Author: Tony Briffa

Tony Briffa speaks at the Darwin Outgames Human Rights Forum

Darwin OutGames Human Rights Forum

Tony Briffa spoke on “Nothing about us without us – Stepping out of the shadows and giving intersex people a voice” for OII Australia and the Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group Australia at the Darwin Outgames Human Rights Forum on 15 May this year. Here is the speech. Good morning everyone. I would like to…
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Tony Briffa writes on “Disorders of Sex Development”

Photo of Tony Briffa while mayor of Hobson's Bay

I’ve been intending to provide my thoughts on the issue of the use of the term “Disorders of Sex Development”, and here they are. I recognise this is a contentious issue in some parts of our community overseas, and it’s time to have a good, open, frank, respectful discussion about it. I appreciate some people…
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