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poster reading 'intersex people have all sorts of sexual orientations'

Intersex people have all sorts of sexual orientations

New poster “Intersex people have all sorts of sexual orientations.” Intersex people may choose to be part of LGBTI because of our shared experience of homophobia, but “heterosexual” is not the opposite of LGBTI. Click to download (PDF, A3, scalable). More information: Intersex for allies.

Intersex people have all sorts of gender identities

New poster Intersex people have all sorts of gender identities. Assuming that intersex people automatically have a non-binary gender identity mis-genders most of us. Having a non-binary gender identity does not automatically make you intersex. Click to download (PDF, A3, scalable). Also on Tumblr. More information: Intersex for allies.

Gina Wilson interviewed by Beyond Blue

Gina Wilson interviewed for new BeyondBlue campaign

BeyondBlue, the national initiative on depression has launched a new LGBTI campaign, with a series of excellent videos from members of LGBTI communities. Gina Wilson, president of OII Australia, is one of those people.

Intersex and trans roundtable meeting on health

Gina Wilson and Morgan Carpenter from OII Australia participated in the National LGBTI Health Alliance‘s first intersex and trans roundtable at the offices of the Australian Human Rights Commission on 18 and 19 June. Other intersex participants were Sandra, president of the AIS Support Group Australia, and Andrew, representing a Tasmanian group. From the Press…
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JOY 94.9 rainbow logo

Joy 94.9 ‘Take Care on Air’ interview with Morgan on intersex intersectionalities with LGBTI

Morgan Carpenter, board member of OII Australia, was recently interviewed by JOY 94.9 radio program Take Care {on} Air on the subject of intersex intersectionalities with other aspects of LGBTQI. The podcast MP3 audio file has become available to download and listen to.  Downoad the interview MP3 direct Read a 10 minute conference presentation on intersex intersectionalities with LGBTI

Marriage Equality Rally at ALP National Conference, Sydney, 3rd December 2011

OII Australia members were inside the ALP National Conference at Darling Harbour and were supporting the marriage equality rally outside the conference venue on Saturday December 3 2011. Intersex Australians lost the clear right to marriage when the Howard Liberal federal government amended the Marriage Act 1961, changing the definition of marriage as between two…
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ABC RN logo

Simon Rice of the ACT LRAC: intersex “compromised physical sexual identity”

ABC Radio National’s The Law Report broadcasted a program of direct relevance to intersex people in Australia and overseas this morning. In a feature entitled Better recognition for transgender people under the law on 8 November 2011 the program utilised pathologizing language and concepts. Damien Carrick presented; guests were Steven Penglis (Freehills Solicitors in Perth), Peter…
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marriage equality rally participants

Rally for marriage equality rally in Sydney, 13 August

We have published some photographs from last Saturday’s rally for marriage equality in Sydney. Members of OII Australia often choose to attend these events because intersex people do not have the equal right to marriage in Australia under the amendments to the Marriage Act 1961. Although we did not contribute a speech on the lack…
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