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Various media reports on intersex issues.

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Creating a third gender creates a whole new set of problems

A number of erstwhile allies of intersex people have supposed that intersex people want the legislative creation of a third gender or a third sex. Sex – male and female in a sex binary system, and gender – man and woman under the gender binary system, are two very different though related things. The reality is that…
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Lydia Guterman, Open Society Foundations: “Why Are Doctors Still Performing Genital Surgery on Infants”

Over at the Open Society Foundations Lydia Guterman asks the question “Why Are Doctors Still Performing Genital Surgery on Infants?” The answer is simple – so long as doctors, commentators, bioethicists, parents, erstwhile allies – and intersex people ourselves – believe that intersex is a “disorder”, a DSD then doctors will continue to try to…
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An Australian intersex world first: intersex inclusion throughout Labor federal governing party policy platform reforms

OII Australia ally Rainbow Labor has welcomed changes in the Australian Labor Party policy platform that further support the LGBTI community and especially intersex people. As a result, Australia leads internationally in being intersex-inclusive.  Summary of changes to the ALP platform: Commitment under Labor Values to health care and specific health care needs of GLBTI Australians (140A)…
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JOY 94.9’s Rainbow Report interviews OII Australia’s Gina Wilson on why the AHRC’s The Sex Files is so bad for intersex people

WHEN the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) undertook its The Sex Files consultation with Australia’s LGBTQI community, Commissioner Graeme Innes made clear that the investigation would not take into account the very real and many needs of Australia’s intersex people. Intersex people were welcome to take part nonetheless, he said. Instead we were informed that The…
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Simon Rice of the ACT LRAC: intersex “compromised physical sexual identity”

ABC Radio National’s The Law Report broadcasted a program of direct relevance to intersex people in Australia and overseas this morning. In a feature entitled Better recognition for transgender people under the law on 8 November 2011 the program utilised pathologizing language and concepts. Damien Carrick presented; guests were Steven Penglis (Freehills Solicitors in Perth), Peter…
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OII Australia founding president, Gina Wilson

Gina Wilson of OII Australia announces The 14 Days of Intersex at StarOnline

OII Australia president, Gina Wilson, has announced The Fourteen Days of Intersex at online LGBTQI publication StarOnline. The Fourteen Days commences on 26th October and extends for a total of 14 days inclusive, coming to a close on 8th November. The Intersex Day of Awareness (IDA) opens The Fourteen Days of Intersex on October 26. The intersex fortnight closes with…
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“SPORK”: how to normalize intersex

Here’s a positive example of normalisation: a director who writes an intersex character successfully and in a positive way, in a comedy movie. Spork – from the North American equivalent of the Splayd, “not a spoon, not a fork, but both, a Spork” – is lead character in an “age-old coming of age tale of fitting in…
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Breakthrough: XXY researchers acknowledge not all XXY people are male

Researchers at a cluster of Melbourne medical institutes, hospitals and universities have acknowledged in a letter to the editor of the International Journal of Andrology, The Official Journal of the European Academy of Andrology, that not all people with the XXY karyotype are male and that some may be female and some may be intersex….
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