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Various media reports on intersex issues.


London Telegraph: “IAAF offers to pay for Caster Semenya’s gender surgery if she fails verification test”

Disturbing news in the London Telegraph: The International Association of Athletics Federations has offered to pay Caster Semenya’s medical expenses should she require gender surgery or other treatment to continue competing as a woman. The IAAF is still awaiting the final results of the gender verification test carried out on the South African teenager during…
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cover detail, Marie Claire magazine, December 2009

Marie Claire Australia writes about intersex

Julietta Jameson writes in the December issue of Marie Claire Australia: “Although the condition remains, in Mani’s words, shrouded in “silence and secrecy”, it’s astonishingly prevalent, with some doctors claiming that one per cent of the population can fall into the category, along a spectrum of conditions ranging from misplaced urethras to enlarged clitorises and…
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Sydney Morning Herald: "Be careful what the doctor may have ordered"

Sydney Morning Herald, “Be careful what the doctor may have ordered”

Lisa Pryor has written on “therapists with unconventional qualifications”, noting that no government body charged has power to “discipline unregistered therapists”. OII Australia always recommends that people choose a properly qualified therapist. The article carries some useful information for making this choice.

the shape of new south wales, in purple

NSW Government promises to change name of NSW Birth Defects Register

According to two regional newspapers, Glenda Graban of Picton, NSW, has persuaded the NSW Health Department to change the name of the NSW Birth Defect Register to something kinder and more humane. Great work, Glenda! It is reported that NSW Minister for Health John Della Bosca has agreed in principle to the change of name,…
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no photography: a camera with a line through it, with the image encircled

Intersex people and photography: US hospital staff photograph unconscious intersex person’s genitals

OII Australia is sensitive towards photographic depictions of intersex individuals. The reasons for OII Australia’s sensitivity are exemplified in this article about non-consensual photography. We can’t help but wonder if the photographic voyeurism, and staff attitudes towards this person’s body, impacted on the quality of care that was given – the person is known to…
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Tony Briffa, leaning against a vintage car

The Age on Tony Briffa: “Choosing the right gender”

Despite a difficult childhood, Tony Briffa is a resilient pragmatist with a wonderful sense of humour, writes Lily Bragge. When Tony Briffa was born at Altona Hospital in 1970, doctors were unable to determine his gender. The younger of a set of twins, Briffa’s sister Catherine was confidently announced to be a girl, but for…
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